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With my 30 years of experience in various areas of psychotherapy and through my ongoing interest in western and eastern philosophy and meditation, I know that we carry a life-potential within us, which lies beyond the identification with the “I”. Unfortunately, it is mostly covered by certain ideas about ourselves and about our social environment. To bring these adopted belief - and behavioral patterns into consciousness and to process them is one aim of the psychotherapeutic attempt.
Transpersonal coaching aims at discovering, experiencing and integrating into our lives the being of our life-potential in its various forms beyond our personal identity (“transpersonal”).
A large part of my knowledge and my experience in this field of being is thanks to my teacher Faisal Muqaddam and the Diamond Logos Teachings. Since 1997 these teachings are my fundamental principle for transpersonal coaching and my process of connecting with being.

What are the Diamond Logos Teachings?
They are a path of self-realization and transformation, which combines eastern philosophy and western psychology. Faisal Muqaddam, a psycho-spiritual teacher from the USA and the co-founder of the Ridhwan School of A.H.Almaas, developed them in their present form.

What is the working method of Diamond Logos?
As the main focus of DiamondLogos I support the enfoldment of the different essential states of being and accompany you to pave the road to your life-potential. Looking inside, a certain kind of inquiry guides you through the layers of your personality into your depth. The process is supported through body exercises, visualizations and meditations.
Your journey inside begins with your present life issue and an exploration into the deeper connections within this issue. It continues with special significance to look for that quality of being which is fundamental to your endeavor to resolve the issue. Already in the first session you will begin to sense, feel and understand the field beyond the boundaries of the “I-dentity”.

I offer individual and group sessions in both English and German.

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