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For each one of us the moment may arise in which we admit to ourselves that we cannot cope alone anymore with a life crisis. It can also be a time in which we experience that we have run our life into a dead-end street, and that we feel discontented and doubt our capacities. This is a crucial moment! Inner strength is being mobilized within us, which enables us to see a chance in this difficult situation; a chance to free ourselves from rigid behavioral patterns and obstructing beliefs about ourselves.

Trigger mechanisms for life crisis are:
Relational problems and attachment issues, separations, loss of a close person, physical and emotional trauma, disease, environmental burdens and transitional phases like menopause and midlife crisis. Also, sociological difficulties caused by bullying, burnout syndrome, financial crisis, unemployment, immigration and others.

Consequences of life crisis are:
Isolation, feelings of meaninglessness, latent dissatisfaction, self doubt, ongoing depressive moods, loneliness, social difficulties, as well as fear, restlessness, aggression and nervousness.
I support and accompany you in overcoming obstacles, in tracking down their causes and especially in finding a better understanding and acceptance of yourself. Strengthened and with increased consciousness you meet anew the demands of your life.
To this process, I accordingly bring my knowledge and wealth of experience. In an atmosphere of empathetic presence and clarity, new perspectives open up for a unique, individual design for life.

I offer individual and couple sessions.

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